Bae Beauty - Plush Minky Makeup Headbands

A plush Minky headband to keep your hair out of your face. 

Whether you’re tinting your brows or just washing your face, the Bae Beauty Headband has your back (or your hair, really). This soft, plush Minky headband will keep your hair back with ease, and it’ll look adorable. With a wide band, it’s going to be comfy too. Love it. 
Like a Bae Band all you have to do is twist into place meaning you can have them as loose or as tight as you choose.

Why will I love the Bae Beauty Headband?

  • Soft Minky headband
  • Wide, comfortable band
  • Use with any part of your skincare or makeup routine
  • One size fits all

Who is the Bae Beauty Headband for?

Do you have hair and would you like to keep it out of your face while you do your beauty routine? Do you like the colour pink? If so, this one has your name on it. It’s soft and stretchy, so will be comfortable for most, and it’s handy whether you’re tinting your brows, washing your face, or conducting some more high-level skincare. 

How should I look after my Bae Beauty Headband?

Well, the lushest Minky material out there, so it wants a warm hand wash only. Due to the internal wire please don’t dry clean, bleach, iron or put it into the dryer   
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