Why 2021 changed my life.

What you probably didn't know

Did you know that Bae Bands started on the 21st January 2021! holy cow!!!! we will be turning the big 1 soon! I have a TONNE of awesome surprises heading your way.

I would like to start off by THANKING you for all your support in 2021, thank you for the strength to keep going, for all the laughs and cheeky private messages.

Without YOU Bae Bands would not be what it is today.


Peace, Love and Mung Beans Baby

Kellie xx


Number 5 - Pink and White Polka Dot

Pink and white polka dot twist wire headband

Number 4 - True Leopard 

Leopard Print Boho wire headband

Number 3 - Black Floral

 Black floral twist wire head scarf

Number 2 - Dusty Pink

 Pink twist wire bandana

Number 1 - Black

 Black Boho wire bandana handmade in Australia

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